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A Look at Panel Damage

Damaged panels don't only tarnish the appearance of your property; it could also lead to safety risks. Warped or cracked panels can impact how smoothly your garage door operates—and if ignored for long enough—could cause it to get stuck mid-way.Moreover, dented panels may result in misalignment issues over time. This could put unnecessary strain on other components such as springs and cables—a costly predicament that no homeowner wants to face.

When Should You Consider Panel Replacement?

You should start thinking about panel replacement once you notice any visible damage—like cracks or warping—or hear unusual sounds during operation. Sometimes these problems can be fixed with minor repairs but often replacing them ensures longevity and proper functioning.

  • If there’s substantial physical damage due to accidents (think rogue basketballs).
  • If aging has led to wear-and-tear signs including peeling paint or discoloration.
  • If environmental factors have caused warping/cracking making opening/closing difficult.

Panel Replacement: A Job for the Pros

While it might be tempting to try and replace garage door panels yourself, we'd advise against it. Garage doors are complex systems with high-tension springs and cables that can pose a safety risk if not handled correctly.Safety should always come first. That's where Ortega Garage Door Repair comes in. Our team of skilled technicians have years of experience under their belts—making us your trusted choice for panel replacement jobs.

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